Mpok Elly & Ferry Anggara (Morning Beib 030516) Part 4

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Morning Beib
Monday - Wednesday | 10:00 AM

Morning Beib!

Let’s make over your morning with super fresh oxygen (O2 = Olla + Omesh) in GlobalTV! Our O2 host, Olla Ramlan and Omesh Ananda, and the super cheerful co-host Vega Darwanti and Donna Harun, they definetely will brighten your day with hottest tips and info, entertaining video, and OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) to fill your amazing morning. From beauty to healthy, culinary to gastronomy, fashion to lifestyle, and anything matter more and more..All you can found in our new morning show Morning Beib only on GlobalTV Seru!
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