Jessica Iskandar (Solusi Mama 280416) Part 3

Published on 28 Apr 2016

Solusi Mama
Thursday and Friday | 10:30 AM

Already follow the recipe, but your chicken soup still too salty or too ‘oily’?
Want to maximize your house space with minimum budget?
How to teach your children saving money?
Do you want to keep beauty and healthy with ‘things’ that you can found on your own refrigerator?

Find all answer above and more on Solusi Mama, Ada Mama Ada Solusi. Our Mama host, Ersa Mayori and co-host Ikhsan Akbar have a list of expert friends that will help you solve things. Every problem you might face in daily life, such us household, beauty, financial, home decoration, parenting, cooking and food, Solusi Mama will stand on your side to help you! So, don’t miss it, you might find the answer of your problem, because Mama will bring you the solution. Watch Solusi Mama only on GlobalTV Seru!

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